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bespoke wedding dresses

We can design and make your bespoke/original wedding dress for your special day....more info

  • bespoke wedding
    bespoke wedding
  • cravats
  • bespoke wedding6
    bespoke wedding6
  • bespoke wedding7
    bespoke wedding7
  • wedding bag
    wedding bag
  • wedding headdress
    wedding headdress



repair, revive and restore

Clothing alterations, fit and size adjustments and complete garment reconstructions....more info

  • vintage dress repair
    vintage dress repair
  • lace repair
    lace repair
  • old pics
    old pics
  • zips

the wool tree

Wool felt bags, made to order in every shape, size and colour....more info

  • notebook1
  • logo
  • card holder
    card holder
  • slip case
    slip case
  • furoshiki wrapping
    furoshiki wrapping
  • laptop case 1
    laptop case 1

bespoke clothing

If you have an idea or a design in mind for a garment or accessory, we can make it a reality, bringing it to life....more info

  • bespoke
  • bespoke18
  • dog coat
    dog coat
  • theatre and costume
    theatre and costume
  • bespoke 6
    bespoke 6
  • bespoke 1
    bespoke 1
  • bespoke 4
    bespoke 4
  • bespoke 12
    bespoke 12

memory and keepsake

Precious sentimental items made into special mementos....more info

  • memory bear
    memory bear
  • apron
  • mannequin 1
    mannequin 1
  • cushion
  • barbie

author and illustrator

The Secret of Toddle-cum-Mirton is the first book from children’s author and illustrator Janet Timmis....more info

  • book
  • drawing 1
    drawing 1
  • drawing
  • illustration
  • Long sleeve t-shirt design sheet
    Long sleeve t-shirt design sheet

The Diadem Adventure (Book 2) free to download

  • Majector 001colour
    Majector 001colour
  • Master Tawny 001 colour
    Master Tawny 001 colour
  • Stowberry cottage bedroom 001 colour
    Stowberry cottage bedroom 001 colour
  • Stowberry Cottage colour FINAL
    Stowberry Cottage colour FINAL
  • Angel and Butterfly final pic
    Angel and Butterfly final pic
  • Flash Squirrel colour
    Flash Squirrel colour